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Structured credit

Developed under the influence of Pierre Rochelois since the early 2000s, this third pillar has enabled the Practice to wholeheartedly diversify into another more recent aspect of financing law.

The team in charge of this pillar, managed by Muriel Mignard and Marie-Caroline Besins, boasts a dozen people and is made up of employees who are experienced in the field and who have an excellent command of English, such that they are able to provide advice to foreign clients, who are particularly well-represented in this sector; when required, and in the interests of saving time, the team may call on the assistance of other practice employees.

It frequently advises banks, both French and foreign, within the context of implementing complex financing arrangements, notably with a view to:

  • real estate asset acquisition (offices, commercial or other uses), whether individually or included within a portfolio,
  • completing construction works, or
  • optimising the borrower’s cash flow requirements.

Assistance is provided both for the structuring of financing in whatever form (including financing subject to special regulations) and the conditions for setting up securities and guarantees, and also for the real estate aspects of this financing (such as real estate auditing and the drafting of mortgage deeds).

Within this context, our Practice plays an active role and works in close collaboration with other bank advisory services specialising in the Banking and Finance and taxation fields, both French and foreign.

Beyond implementing financing arrangements, our team is available to our clients for advice and assistance in the everyday requirements during the life of a financing arrangement (post-signature administrative formalities, advice in the event of syndication or amendment agreements, details regarding the implementation of repayment procedures, etc.).

Availability, responsiveness, precision and application of the latest legal developments are the specific objectives for this pillar, in a sector which is highly susceptible to reform and exposed to economic fluctuations, which therefore require tailor-made contracts.


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