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27 2014 ,

Property leasing transactions

A tool which enables companies to arrange long-term property financing while protecting their cash flow, property leasing is often associated with fiscal optimisation objectives. 

Having undergone significant development under the influence of the two founding partners, this second pillar constitutes a major element of the activities of the Practice, which has become a renowned player in the field.

A complex financing technique, this activity requires a thorough understanding of the diverse real estate and taxation issues that may arise.

Managed by two partners, Sylvie Gouguenheim and Anne Bechu, the team comprises twenty people designated to support and advise both lessors and lessees.

The advisory role is important at each stage throughout the life of a lease contract, from signature to conclusion, whether it involves the purchase of land or buildings, the legal organisation of the construction, the lease period, or the sale pursuant to the execution of an undertaking to sell, including the many deeds likely to be concluded during the contract period such as assignments and amendment agreements. 

Over the last 25 years, our team has acquired and demonstrated its know-how, experience and effectiveness which it places at our clients’ disposal.


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