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At the very heart of our notarial activities, our specialist Family and Inheritance law department will help you to anticipate and optimise your family relationships and inheritance issues with complete confidence. Our teams will also provide you with advice regarding inheritance tax issues.

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Our Practice retains its involvement with the traditional notarial activities, enabling it to maintain daily contact with private clients and therefore to be able to advise them at each important stage of their lives.

Marriage contracts, conjugality (common-law marriage, civil partnerships), divorce, inheritance and bequests - whatever the type of gift (donations, donations between married partners, gifts to beneficiaries of wills, etc.) or the type of will - and also adoption and protection of the person are fields that constitute the core of our notarial activities.

Unplanned inheritance is often a source of disagreement between heirs, and is inefficient in terms of inheritance taxation. For this reason we pay particular attention to inheritance planning at the family level.

Through implementation of the rules of international private law, our approach is adapted to the demands of people’s increasing geographical mobility and the compatibility of different legal systems.

Our practice has also invested over recent years in the development of notarial activities in the fields of literary and artistic property and patronage.

Safeguarding the integrity of works, protecting cultural heritage and the transfer of moral rights are at the very heart of our activities. We assess the predominant characteristics of a work in order to plan and control the transfer of estate, both through advice given to the living artist and support given to heirs with the onerous task of managing intellectual property rights.

The numerous legislative changes over recent years now offer a wide range of choices that we exploit in order to meet our clients’ wishes and to provide the optimum administration of their estate, in terms of both civil and tax law.

The fifteen-person team responsible for this area is primarily managed by Julien Lauter and Marie-Caroline Besins.