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As real estate is one of the traditional notarial activities, we have a department to provide both private individuals and investors with the advice they need to safely conclude their real estate purchase or sale projects. This department is also available to answer any other questions, associated primarily with property ownership, co-ownership, the drafting of articles of association and leases, certified signatures, etc.

The natural heir to our tradition of general notary activities, the Conveyancing and General Deeds department supports and advises both private individuals and investors of all types who wish to conclude real estate acquisition, sale, partition or co-ownership transactions, and also any deeds associated with these transactions or more generally with the ownership of property.

In addition to preliminary contracts, deeds of sale and purchase, deeds dealing with partition and deeds implementing co-ownership regulations, we also handle real estate loans, modifications to co-ownership regulations, company set-ups, purchases by groups of persons and the related conventions, lease agreements, declarations of exemption from seizure, powers of attorney, etc.

Our general notary activities also make us the natural and favoured partner for private individuals who are faced with a wide variety of legal questions and for whom we are able to provide the necessary tools to resolve their issues.

In the international context, our practice includes legal experts with an excellent command of English, who appreciate the intricacies of different foreign legal systems and who are used to advising and supporting foreign clients wishing to invest in France.

When required, all the notaries and other practice employees are able to handle cases in the field of conveyancing and general deeds (usually known as "actes courants" (standard legal services) in French notarial circles).

However, certain members of the team are permanently dedicated to this practice area, managed by Marie-Françoise Leduc and Marie-Caroline Besins with a staff of fifteen people.

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