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Having developed expert know-how in the field of literary and artistic property, we strive to safeguard cultural heritage and to protect the moral rights of authors and artists. This activity has found a natural resonance in the creation and ongoing administration of legal structures such as associations, foundations and, more recently, endowment funds.

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Within the hierarchy of estate planning, providing an optimum level of planning is notably achieved through the reconciliation of different legal structures destined to accommodate the estate property in the best possible conditions. The foundation and the association, given their respective legal personalities and the public interest factor, as such play a predominant role in the range of solutions our practice is able to offer.

The endowment fund, recently enshrined in French law, is a tool we favour to promote the development of activities in the public interest (cultural, educational, scientific, humanitarian, etc.).

We provide, in this context, support and advice from inception right through to the operation and evolution of these entities. Being an extension of family and inheritance law, this speciality falls within the responsibility of Julien Lauter.

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